Full Article Attached Update on Tree Plan for 0.9.4

Saturday August 25th, 2001

Asa Dotzler has sent in an update to what's plans are for the 0.9.4 milestone. Click the full article link for more info on this, and what you can do to help.

#108 Re: Re: Re: Re: Mosaic/Netscape

by SmileyBen

Sunday September 2nd, 2001 3:44 PM

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Erm, I'm not sure where you get this idea of total incompatibilities between browsers, but it's simply untrue. Moz / Netscape 6 can display virtually ever page designed for IE - the number of pages that actually cannot be viewed with these browsers (due to, for example, sniffing) make up a tiny (fraction of a percentage) of the Internet. People seem to imply that designers produce websites for a single standard 'IE' browser, when this isn't possible - IE 4 varies more in its interpretation of HTML from IE 6 than Moz / Netscape 6 do - so anyone that has done so has already cut out a chunk of the market.

Add to that the fact that the moment AOL swapped support to the Moz platform (if they were to) any designer worth a fraction of his pay would think twice about excluding half the market by sniffing for IE or using proprietary extension when they could easily provide pages that work everywhere but the oldest browsers.