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Saturday August 25th, 2001

Yancy writes in "Macromedia is finally allowing Mozilla-based browsers access to their website! Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of their website to thank them." Macromedia is one of the major sites that is targeting with their evangelism effort.

Along with this, Katsuhiko Momoi sent in news about a new Tech Evangelism catagory in Bugzilla. Click full article to learn more about it.

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by rkl

Saturday September 1st, 2001 7:29 AM

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Since this is a relevant thread in this Evangelism article, I'll point out that changing your user agent string to match IE's is not a good thing. Why ? Simple:

The sites monitoring their Web logs will add your accesses to their "%age of users running IE", distorting IE"s market share. This in turn will further convince them that IE is "the only browser we're going to support" and you can bet that means IE-only proprietary extensions too.

It's a good thing that the agent-changing pref is only in your prefs file (which <1% of end-users will ever hand-edit) and doesn't have a UI.

It's a bad mistake that Opera made for example - you can pick between several user agents in their UI (any bets that a lot of users fake Opera as IE to get into browser-sniffing sites ?) and this hinders Opera's visibility no end (same "oh that's IE, let's add it to IE's market share" problem I mentioned above).

Personally, I'd be in favour of pulling the Mozilla option from the prefs file too and also obfuscating the string in the binary to stop people with binary editors changing it (yes, you could get the source, change it and re-compile, but that's a huge task for users). We need to make sure that Mozilla (and NS 6.X) are properly ID'ed in Web site logs.

If a site doesn't support Mozilla/NS 6.X, e-mail them and tell them you'll take your business elsewhere unless they do. If you can fake Mozilla to look like IE and get into the site, then you're far less likely to complain to the Webmaster, IMHO (and by the time they throw in the IE-only extensions, it'll be too late to complain !).