MozillaZine Releases

Tuesday August 14th, 2001 today released the source code for, which is the code that matches Netscape 6.1. This comes from the 0.9.2 branch, and is being made available both as part of the MPL license requirement, and as a way for third parties to easily use it to write compatible plugins and addon features to Netscape 6.1, as well as Mozilla.

#58 Re: get serious!

by AlexBishop <>

Sunday August 19th, 2001 6:04 PM

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"And AOL is going to the trouble of writing Mozilla and giving it away for free because.. what? They want to wrestle the control to them. Just like they want with AIM. I don't see AOL and Mozilla being any more noble. Of course it's about the benefit of the company as a whole. These are businesses! They are not giving away things because it's good for humanity. They are doing it because it serves their company in some way. Don't be so naive!"

Both Microsoft and AOL Time Warner want to monopolise the future. As AOL says, they want AOL to be "the operating system of your life" (personally, I find the XY Chromosome distribution of Human Genome 1.0 a perfectly acceptable OS myself). When they say AOL Anywhere, they really mean AOL Everywhere.

Microsoft wants you to use Microsoft solutions for your PC (Windows XP), server (Windows.NET), PDA (Windows CE), cell phone (Stinger), media content (MSN), online communications (Windows Messenging Service), digital media and music (Windows Media and pressplay), shopping and personal data (Passport, HailStorm), Internet services (.NET) and some other things I've forgotten.

AOL Time Warner wants you to use AOL Time Warner solutions for Internet access (AOL), media content (Time, CNN, Netscape etc.), online communications (AIM, ICQ), digital media and music (MusicNet), shopping and personal data (ScreenName, Magic Carpet) and some other things I've forgotten.

Sounds pretty similar? That's because it is. Both companies want to be in control if there's anything to do with the Internet, telecommunications, software (especially Microsoft) or media (especially AOL Time Warner). And with the Internet becoming ubiquitous that's about everything. Both companies want to be the only player. None are particularly interested in open solutions (though I'd say Microsoft is generally worse than AOL Time Warner in this respect).

It's like those science fiction movies where a single company dominates everything. At least there's two rivals here. Hopefully the competition will stop total domination by one of them.

I'd say that with the dominance of Windows, Microsoft is the best placed at the moment. But that may change, particularly as Microsoft doesn't really dominate much outside the area of PCs. Of course a different company may rise to be bigger than both of them. Something else, like biotechnology, may replace the Internet, telecommunications, software and media industries as the main growth area.

In reality, I think that there will be dominate players but that no single company will gain that much control. Smaller markets will be dominated by different players in the same way that RealNetworks dominates digital media, Nokia dominates cell phones, Sony dominates games consoles and Netscape used to dominate browsers. But then again, Microsoft is making inroads into all those areas...