MozillaZine Releases

Tuesday August 14th, 2001 today released the source code for, which is the code that matches Netscape 6.1. This comes from the 0.9.2 branch, and is being made available both as part of the MPL license requirement, and as a way for third parties to easily use it to write compatible plugins and addon features to Netscape 6.1, as well as Mozilla.

#128 Want to compare rendering speeds?

by mede

Saturday August 25th, 2001 1:32 PM

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Well, if you want to see how fast moz is in rendering compared to IE, you can go to <> Wait till the flash finishes, and in the homepage see IE crying to render the page... hehe. It takes about 30 seconds on my machine (maybe a newer version of IE improves it) and in moz it takes just a sec! cool... Mede