MozillaZine Releases

Tuesday August 14th, 2001 today released the source code for, which is the code that matches Netscape 6.1. This comes from the 0.9.2 branch, and is being made available both as part of the MPL license requirement, and as a way for third parties to easily use it to write compatible plugins and addon features to Netscape 6.1, as well as Mozilla.

#102 Re: Re: plugin API

by strauss

Wednesday August 22nd, 2001 9:54 AM

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>>This is incorrect.<<

Actually, it's quite correct, and comes directly from experience.

>>I'm not a plugin expert<<

I am.

>>but based on the bug reports I triage I'm pretty confident that the 4.x plugin API is alive and well and the preferred solution to the not even close to being finished XPCOM plugin API. I use several 4.x plugins straight out of my 4.x plugins directory.<<

You must be using them in a raw mode, not through the JavaScript bridge. Since plugins are largely about multimedia and multimedia needs branding, the JavaScript bridge to the plugins is an important component -- it enables rebranding of the UI.

The bridge was based on LiveConnect in the past, but that has gone away in favor of a new XPCOM API. Attempting to call JavaScript through LiveConnect in Mozilla will fail.

If you don't believe me, ask someone who works on plugins in the Mozilla organization, if you can find one. To date most of the work has been done by outside developers who need their plugins to function -- plugin support seems to be a very low priority