Netscape Releases 6.1

Wednesday August 8th, 2001

Netscape today released Netscape 6.1, which comes off the 0.9.2 branch. Visit the download page at Netscape for the build. Mozilla builds matching 6.1 are available in the July 27 0.9.2 nightly directories.

#54 Netscape 6 faster than Mozilla

by zreo2 <>

Thursday August 9th, 2001 6:28 AM

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I have just reallised that Netscape 6 seem to be a little bit faster than Mozilla in the start up process.

When I meassured the time Mozilla (0.93) took aroun 11 seconds to start and Netscape (6.1) around 8 secs without any preloading installed on Windows. Thats strange. Or ?

And one more thing. Smartdownload is useless (should be called slowdownload) and Netscape should have links to their sea versions on their FTP site easier to us, the users, to find. And when you have installed Netscape and all that activation crap comes up their should be a button saying "No I dont want to become a member" or something like that. Now you have to enter cancel for no etc and I think Netscape will loose alot of users on that. Especially for us that are not living in the US and are not fans of AOL. I think what AOL is throwing at your face with all their products they think you should install when all you want is a browser is making them just as bad as Microsoft...