Netscape Releases 6.1

Wednesday August 8th, 2001

Netscape today released Netscape 6.1, which comes off the 0.9.2 branch. Visit the download page at Netscape for the build. Mozilla builds matching 6.1 are available in the July 27 0.9.2 nightly directories.

#5 to early, again

by jilles

Wednesday August 8th, 2001 1:52 PM

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Mozilla has improved since 0.6, it is now 0.9.3. A very nice version but also a version with known issues and not considered worthy of 1.0 release by its own developers. The version netscape has used for their browser is much older and has even more well known issues (many of which have been fixed in recent mozilla bugs).

I thought 6.0 was a big mistake (and I wasn't alone). 6.1 seems to be repeating the mistake. Lots of users (less than for 6.0 though) will download and try it and come to the conclusion they are using an unpolished beta rather than a well tested 1.0.

I am very sorry for all the mozilla developers who are working hard to make mozilla a cool browser. It must be tough working for a boss who keeps giving you bad publicity by throwing the unfinished results of your hard work in front of unsuspecting users.

Just out of curiousity, do any of you mozilla developers agree with AOL/Netscape's release schedules?

I am a rather cynical guy so I have to wonder if AOL is going to use the predictably bad publicity that is going to follow this release as an excuse to layof some Netscape staff.