Netscape Releases 6.1

Wednesday August 8th, 2001

Netscape today released Netscape 6.1, which comes off the 0.9.2 branch. Visit the download page at Netscape for the build. Mozilla builds matching 6.1 are available in the July 27 0.9.2 nightly directories.

#25 Slashdot annoys the tits off me!

by svassall <>

Wednesday August 8th, 2001 7:24 PM

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I've been reading some of the comments at Slashdot and they really make me mad! How come the OSS/FSF is being so polluted by such people!

I would like to say a big thank you to all who work on the mozilla code base! It's been my main browser for about 1 year now and it just keeps getting better and better!