Netscape Releases 6.1

Wednesday August 8th, 2001

Netscape today released Netscape 6.1, which comes off the 0.9.2 branch. Visit the download page at Netscape for the build. Mozilla builds matching 6.1 are available in the July 27 0.9.2 nightly directories.

#175 MozillaQuest reaches new journalistic lows

by AlexBishop <>

Tuesday August 14th, 2001 5:22 PM

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Sorry to keep on going on about MozillaQuest but I can't believe what it's saying now.

A new article has been added (it looks like two articles on the front page but it's only one) that claims that Netscape were going to release a 6.1 PR2 but decided to skip it because 0.9.2 was "very buggy". Netscape never announced a second Preview Release. Mike Angelo goes to great lengths to convince us that 6.1 is based on, as if it wasn't common knowledge. He also repeats stuff from their earlier articles (bugs, bugs, bugs).

But the most outrageous comments he makes are in reference to his contact with Catherine Corre, the unfortunate PR person who had to talk to MozillaQuest. MozillaQuest say that they "asked Netscape Spokesperson Catherine Corre if the material in this section and the next section [of the article] is correct." They then quote her as saying "Not only is this not correct, it's pure speculation! We released Netscape 6.1 on target as we had announced we would, and never announced plans for NS6.1 PR2."

Apparently, this isn't good enough for MozillaQuest who claim that she avoided the question. Am I missing something here? She was asked if the information was correct and said that it wasn't, it was just speculation. How is that avoiding the question? In addition they say that whether or not Netscape ever announced a 6.1 PR2 is irrelevant. That'll be why it's not mentioned in the article then. Oh, except it is.

The report goes on to say that "Corre´s false claim that these two sections are 'pure speculation'..." Hang on, even the article itself says to consider their "explanation to be as much hypothetical as it is factual." How is that not speculation? Then it gets worse. The full quote is "Corre´s false claim that these two sections are 'pure speculation' is tantamount to her denying that Netscape 6.1 is based upon Mozilla code!" Sorry, did I miss something? This appears to be a complete non sequitur. She never said that. In fact, I'd say that MozillaQuest accussing her of making a "false claim" is tantamount to calling her a liar. Isn't that libel?

The rest of the article largely manages to stick to MozillaQuest's usual level of inaccuracies.

You can read it for yourself here: <http://www.mozillaquest.c…-2-1_source_story-01.html>