Netscape Releases 6.1

Wednesday August 8th, 2001

Netscape today released Netscape 6.1, which comes off the 0.9.2 branch. Visit the download page at Netscape for the build. Mozilla builds matching 6.1 are available in the July 27 0.9.2 nightly directories.

#16 Toy Factory

by bandido

Wednesday August 8th, 2001 3:52 PM

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In my opinion Toy Factory theme is VERY cool. I am sure a lot of "kids" will use mozilla/netscape just because of the the themes. Have you seen some of the Media Player/winamp themes. i might not like them, but younger generations love them.

What problems are you having with your scrollbars? They work perfect in my case (using TNT2 video card. Sky pilot looks ok, to put it mildly, more amateurish (like the old Koffice buttons)