Mozilla 0.9.3 Released!

Thursday August 2nd, 2001 today released Mozilla milestone 0.9.3, continuing to work towards a 1.0 release. Preliminary data is showing that 0.9.3 is up to 35% more stable than 0.9.2, thanks to increased focus on stability bugs this milestone. Along with that, the newest incarnation of the Modern has had some additional work since 0.9.2.

Builds are available on's download page (or go right to the FTP directory), along with release notes.

#62 Submitting a bug

by KAC

Saturday August 4th, 2001 9:36 AM

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I just tried to submit a bug at bugzilla and I found it impossible, I just couldn?t understand how the thing is supposed to work.

Could someone do me a huge favour and enter one for me please? It's regarding the site


None of the images on the first page of the forum are showing, this means that you can't post a new message because the image for that button doesn't show and that goes for the buttons that represent other features of the forum. You also cannot tell when new messages have been posted either. This has only been a problem from milestone 0.9.1 onwards.

Many thanks.