Mozilla 0.9.3 Released!

Thursday August 2nd, 2001 today released Mozilla milestone 0.9.3, continuing to work towards a 1.0 release. Preliminary data is showing that 0.9.3 is up to 35% more stable than 0.9.2, thanks to increased focus on stability bugs this milestone. Along with that, the newest incarnation of the Modern has had some additional work since 0.9.2.

Builds are available on's download page (or go right to the FTP directory), along with release notes.

#44 Re: Re: Re: bugs? what bugs? i see no "bugs"

by bcwright <>

Friday August 3rd, 2001 4:31 PM

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I didn't much care for that metric either. It's good that a lot of bugs are being fixed, but if you're still being outrun by "incoming" it won't help much with progress towards 1.0. At some point you have to start fixing more than you're finding or you'll never reach closure.

... Assuming that all (or even many) of these are unique errors, of course. To the extent that they are things like enhancement requests and duplicates the raw numbers _may_ be misleading. However if many of these "new" bugs are duplicates it indicates that the QA team may be being overwhelmed even if the coders may not be. Still not a good sign.