Mozilla 0.9.3 Released!

Thursday August 2nd, 2001 today released Mozilla milestone 0.9.3, continuing to work towards a 1.0 release. Preliminary data is showing that 0.9.3 is up to 35% more stable than 0.9.2, thanks to increased focus on stability bugs this milestone. Along with that, the newest incarnation of the Modern has had some additional work since 0.9.2.

Builds are available on's download page (or go right to the FTP directory), along with release notes.

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by bcwright <>

Tuesday August 7th, 2001 8:24 AM

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Asa makes a lot of good points about the problems with using a crude metric like the raw bug count - these are some of the reasons why I distrust that metric. At best it's a crude bellweather that closer study may be needed to make sure that there aren't serious process problems, but it's not by itself indicative of such problems.

The comments about the increase in the proportion of bugs that are resolved as Duplicates are also very positive; it is probably an indication not only of knowing more of the population of existing bugs but also of increasing popularity of the program and would be consistent with increasing quality.

I still have concerns about the number of bugs targetted for fixing before 1.0, especially the number marked (Major | Critical | Blocker). That number will have to start decreasing at some point or you'll never reach closure. That may mean starting to refuse some things in those categories that effectively amount to enhancements, and/or making a concerted effort to correct serious defects even if it's at the expense of other enhancements or trivial bug fixes.

My personal experience and recommendation is that defect removal, especially of serious defects, should take precedence over enhancements. It's usually more useful to have something that works well and reliably than to have something that's flakey but has more features. Granted that the distinction can be difficult to make at times - if you're in a Right to Left environment (Hebrew, Arabic, etc), the lack of BIDI can feel like a defect, but if you're not then that may feel more like the addition of a not very useful feature. But my observation is that the project sometimes appears to get too tilted towards the "new features" rather than towards true "bug fixes." On a brighter note, my experience with 0.9.3 so far has been very positive. This is the first milestone that seems very reliable given my browsing habits. It hasn't crashed on me yet, which is very good considering that my habits cause IE to crash several times a day and Netscape 4.7* and Mozilla 0.9.2 and before several times an hour. By "crash" I mean any kind of abnormal termination, including program lockups, not merely OS reboots. It appears to indicate that things are starting to head in the right direction.

Keep up the good work guys, and try not to get sidetracked on too many "interesting" features. Feature creep and sidetracks can be the bane of any software project.