Mozilla 0.9.3 Released!

Thursday August 2nd, 2001 today released Mozilla milestone 0.9.3, continuing to work towards a 1.0 release. Preliminary data is showing that 0.9.3 is up to 35% more stable than 0.9.2, thanks to increased focus on stability bugs this milestone. Along with that, the newest incarnation of the Modern has had some additional work since 0.9.2.

Builds are available on's download page (or go right to the FTP directory), along with release notes.

#104 Re: huge footprint

by sleepy

Sunday August 5th, 2001 7:03 PM

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I found Mozilla has strange, inconsistent ways of using memory. On my work computer (PIII 600, 128MB, win2k), Mozilla often eat up to 50MB of memory after a few hours of browsing, forcing me to shut it down and restart. On my laptop (Celeron 500, 192MB, win2k), I visit the same sites for a few hours, but Mozilla keeps itself under 30MB. Does anyone know what's going on?