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Friday July 27th, 2001

The status reports have returned! Tony Jordan, like many of us, has been busy with many things, and while he is away, David Boswell of has volunteered to take care of the status reports from projects outside of the main Mozilla tree. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#9 Re: Re: Mozilla

by WillyWonka

Sunday July 29th, 2001 9:15 AM

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A lot of these can already be done. Someone just needs to make xul front ends for them.

> 1. A way to prevent popups.

The back end is there. I've used it and it works, but sometimes you click on a link and nothing happens. Moz silently writes a line to the javascript console, but there is no feedback.

> 2. A way to prevent images from certain domains (i.e doubleclick, etc.)

This is also in there. It's very similar to the new window blocking code. Again, all it needs is an easy to use front end programmed in XUL/JavaScript.

> 3. A macro/script language. Since Moz is basically built using one, it shouldn't be difficult to add. The framework would expose events, like WebPage_Requested, WebPage_Loaded, etc...

This is also in there, again, it just needs a friendlier interface. When a page stops loading, the stop button disables. All you have to do is hook into the the page load events in javascript.

> 4. Right-click on a picture and get a menu item that let's you email the picture. How many times have I had to save it on a disk first and then mail it? I don't even know. This one is really easy.

Um, right click, select view image. Then go to file->Send Page. I just tried it, it works.

> 5. Select some text, right click on it and get a menu to email the text.

This one is do-able but how often would it be used? It would just clutter up the, already too large, right click menu. Honestly, can't you just select the text, copy it, press ctrl-m, and paste it?

> 6. Have more than 2 usable themes.

This is being done. Click get themes in the view menu in mozilla. I have used the Aqua theme before and there is also another one which I've seen some people using. More themes will come out when mozilla's xul stabalizes (aka mozilla 1.0).

What we need are people to go into the XUL and JavaScript to polish these things off. I've tried, and I can tell you that even though I program in JavaScript all day long and create applications, I still find XUL and the JavaScript commands inside Moz kinda hard to understand. (I tried changing the behavior of /msg in chatzilla but admitted defeat after 3 days)

What we need are people to go in and document how the internals work, so people who can script in JavaScript can go in and add the polish, after reading a couple docs.