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Friday July 27th, 2001

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#40 Sick to death of No Mozilla here websites

by TonyG <>

Thursday August 2nd, 2001 6:31 AM

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I am at home preparing a presentation as a last ditach attempt to get my company to stop a complete move to IE only with no care about how things look in Mozilla or Netscape 6.

I am having to trawl quite a few sites for info and guess what? It is a f**king joke.

The amount of sites that now openly and unashamedly ONLY work on IE is growing exponentially.

My company is going to drop all non IE browser support and they are going to do this without any announcement because they believe "no one will either notice or care"!!!!

And you know what? They are bloody well right!

Things are getting bad. Mozilla and/or Netscape is getting buried through inaction. AOL are doing zip to raise its profile - something you have to do if you do not want to lose the vote of the most important group of all - developers.

So, whats to be done?

1). Give up and join the chorus that says standards compliant = works in IE 2). Keep pretending all will change when Mozilla EVER gets released 3). Wait for AOL to get of their corpulent fat arses and bundle NS with AOL 4). None of the above.

I am seriously thinking of setting up a site - calling it something like <> and using it another advocacy site. I say another as mozillazine is doing a great job and without it I personally feel Mozilla would be in a lot more trouble. Respect to all involved.

This "other" site would have a slightly different focus.

In a nutshell the site would contain articles or references to articles on Zvon, moziila, YASD etc, that promote and exemplify the basics of producing cross browser sites.

Thats the solution, now the problem. The site would also publicise and therefore criticise sites that are IE only or basically either block/deny access to standards browsers.

Thirdly, the site will have open forums for discussion of solutions, advocacy and any other thing useful to promote Mozilla and its offspring.

What ya reckon?