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Friday July 27th, 2001

The status reports have returned! Tony Jordan, like many of us, has been busy with many things, and while he is away, David Boswell of has volunteered to take care of the status reports from projects outside of the main Mozilla tree. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#16 Re: Mozilla

by WillyWonka

Sunday July 29th, 2001 6:28 PM

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> It's great, that the backend for most of these things is already there. But that doesn't do the user any good.

I know it doesn't. That's why people need to put together docs... so people, like me, can easily go in and add the polish to the interface with minimal fuss.

At the moment, it's increadably hard to do even the simplest things because XUL and the JavaScript behind it is more complex than you'd first think.

> 3.

I would like to see Mozilla v1.0 first.

> 4. Why do it in 10 steps when one step will do.

<lip action="bite" /> :)

> 6. Aqua theme is not usable.

Um, a theme is just different pictures. When I loaded it up it looked fine. If you want a new chrome, well that's a different story. That will probably take a while. When Mozilla 1.0 comes out, you might see one or two alternate interfaces start popping up. But probably not before moz is properly documented.