July 27th is Mozilla Community Day at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference!

Tuesday July 10th, 2001

If you are going to the O'Reilly Open Source Conference in San Diego this month, be sure to check out Mozilla Community Day, which is happening the last day of the conference. Mozilla Community Day is open to all, whether or not your are attending the Open Source Conference. To find out more, visit this page for info and a listing of some of the topics that will be discussed!

#76 Re: Re: Re: Re: Hmmm.. maybe Not...

by TonyG <>

Saturday July 21st, 2001 3:08 AM

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DAmn. I got up with a hangover and read this. Naturally it all made sense :)

I concur. Upon giving the spec my complete attention, I believe that the test case I submitted earlier <> is in fact a demonstration of the correct action.

The Spec at 10.1.4 says:

<i>If the element has 'position: absolute', the containing block is established by the nearest ancestor with a 'position' other than 'static', in the following way:

1. In the case that the ancestor is block-level, the containing block is formed by the padding edge of the ancestor.M</i>

This means if I was to add style='position:relative' to the the body tag, I would get the behaviour I expected. This is indeed the case as this demo shows <>

In that case, should 51230 be invalid?