July 27th is Mozilla Community Day at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference!

Tuesday July 10th, 2001

If you are going to the O'Reilly Open Source Conference in San Diego this month, be sure to check out Mozilla Community Day, which is happening the last day of the conference. Mozilla Community Day is open to all, whether or not your are attending the Open Source Conference. To find out more, visit this page for info and a listing of some of the topics that will be discussed!

#44 Bit of a Shame Really

by TonyG <>

Saturday July 14th, 2001 11:36 AM

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Tis a shame the site isn't as updated that often. Obviously its down to workload for Chris, Asa and everyone else. Its part of the reason Why people still read MozillaQuest I think. There is so little information on Mozilla or Netscape that is updated on anything like a daily basis that folks will take it anywhere they can get it.

There is plenty going on in the newsgroupsa nd IRC channels - its just not appearing on this site.

Maybe Mitchell Baker can be attacked - ermm I mean - asked about this during the 2 minute Advocacy session at the O'Reilly conference.

I would gladly help out on the site in anyway I can. I have toyed with doing some sort of for a while but would rather see Mozillazine remain as the centre of the universe. Content is king as they say.

I am an ASP developer(among other things) and again, am happy to help out...

Maybe we can all design a build bar system, then I can code it in ASP and chuck it on a server ...