July 27th is Mozilla Community Day at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference!

Tuesday July 10th, 2001

If you are going to the O'Reilly Open Source Conference in San Diego this month, be sure to check out Mozilla Community Day, which is happening the last day of the conference. Mozilla Community Day is open to all, whether or not your are attending the Open Source Conference. To find out more, visit this page for info and a listing of some of the topics that will be discussed!

#34 Bug 90502 can no longer be viewed by mere mortals

by AlexBishop <>

Friday July 13th, 2001 1:14 PM

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It seems that someone decided that we shouldn't be able to see bug 90502.

Basically, it said that there was a problem when you set Netscape 6 as the default Web browser and mail client on Windows XP. Windows XP places shortcuts to your default Web browser an mail client at the top of the Start menu - screenshot <http://www.winsupersite.c…iews/winxp_rc1_rev_13.gif> . The problem was that Netscape 6 could be set as the default browser but couldn't be successfully set as the default mail client. The sentence that is probably responsible for you and I not being able to see the bug was "This was tested on a Compaq computer that will ship with Netscape 6." (or something along those lines). Note that it just said Netscape 6 (not 6.1), but I imagine it must mean 6.1 as it refers to Windows XP, which ships on October 25th (6.1 will surely be ready by then).

Someone did ask (in the bug) if it should be filed in Bugscape rather than Bugzilla (Bugscape is for Netscape-only bugs), but presumably this problem will also occur with Mozilla. It is a bit of a shame because someone who doesn't have access to the bug may know how to fix it. Apart from bugs about proprietary products, the only other bugs I've seen that have been restricted are security ones (you don't want to advertise exploits).