Mozilla 0.9.2 Released

Friday June 29th, 2001 released milestone 0.9.2 today, which many at mozillaZine believe to be the best candidate for a 1.0 release yet, from an end user point of view. New items since 0.9.1 include 25 more top crash bugs fixed (as measured by Talkback) along with a new context sensitive help system, a new view source window, and a new preloader for windows called 'Turbo'.

You can find Macintosh, Linux, and Windows builds on's releases page, as well as updated release notes.

Following 0.9.2 are two releases,, which will be taken from Netscape's branch after they complete their release from it, and 0.9.3 which will be taken from a branch off the trunk, and will not be under the same drivers checkin control, as previously reported.

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by bandido

Monday July 9th, 2001 10:26 AM

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You are not taking into account the possibility of AOL switching their browser to Netscape/Gecko. If that happens, which is a distinct possibility now that their negotiations with MS broke down in a bitter way, Netscape/Gecko will get a big increase in market share.

Another point to consider is that PC web access is becoming saturated and that the next wave of web access is coming from embedded systems, multifunction pagers and cell phones. Mozilla has been chosen already by Nokia and others to embed their browser into their systems. As a mater of fact there are countries in Europe where more people access the web/web emails accounts through their cell phones than from PC. The war is not over but it is moving to another front.