Mozilla 0.9.2 Released

Friday June 29th, 2001 released milestone 0.9.2 today, which many at mozillaZine believe to be the best candidate for a 1.0 release yet, from an end user point of view. New items since 0.9.1 include 25 more top crash bugs fixed (as measured by Talkback) along with a new context sensitive help system, a new view source window, and a new preloader for windows called 'Turbo'.

You can find Macintosh, Linux, and Windows builds on's releases page, as well as updated release notes.

Following 0.9.2 are two releases,, which will be taken from Netscape's branch after they complete their release from it, and 0.9.3 which will be taken from a branch off the trunk, and will not be under the same drivers checkin control, as previously reported.

#129 Window positioning, tiling, resizing

by mccoskey

Wednesday July 4th, 2001 12:28 PM

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Everytime I start 0.92, it starts in a different position. It does not seem to remember the last position it was in when I closed it. I like it in the upper left hand corner. I did not have this problem with 0.91 and earlier.

And because of this, the tiling of multiple windows is inconsistant.

And if I resize a window for a certain website, it then seems to make that the default window size, even if I close the window before opening another. And when I restart 0.92, it uses the last resize even if it is not the last window to be closed.

Three steps forward, one step back is still progress. :-) Thanks Mozilla!!!