Netscape Makes Official NGLayout Announcement!!

Tuesday November 10th, 1998

Matthew Thomas, Joel Caris, and Asa Dotzler wrote in about the official Netscape press release regarding NGLayout. Matthew writes, "Netscape has made an official press release announcing what they call `NGT' (Next Generation Technology), which is a combination of NGLayout and configurable chrome. This was subsequently reported by ZDNet, Wired, and TechWeb (among others, no doubt). There are two interesting points here: (1) you can always count on a company to come up with a dumb-sounding name for a cool technology; (2) if you want to hear about something TWO WEEKS before the mainstream media report it, read MozillaZine! :-)"

I can't believe I was away and missed the news! DRAT! :(

#3 Re:Netscape Makes Official NGLayout Announcement!!

by Chameleon <>

Thursday November 12th, 1998 7:30 AM

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Chameleon, A small, fast-eating lizard with the ability to rapidly change the color of its skin...... nglayout/mozilla 5.0, a small fast-rendering lizard (eraa browser) with the ability to change its type of skin... hey thats about perfect... cept for I dont think I rather like the word it self.. chameleon.... heheh Im not sure.. maby if it was used it would grow on me? :P