Full Article Attached Towards Mozilla 1.0

Tuesday June 26th, 2001

Gervase Markham recently posted his feelings on what a 1.0 release of Mozilla would be. Gerv has sent us the follow-up to that posting, including much of the feedback he received. To read it, click the full article link. Once you have read through it, we welcome you to post your feelings on what you think a 1.0 release would have. [As Gerv says, please don't post your favorite list of bugs, only the criteria for choosing what bugs to fix.]

#74 Re: UI Polish

by strauss

Wednesday June 27th, 2001 2:04 PM

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It's gratifying to see everyone (except Gerv) prioritizing UI polish so high. As I noted a few weeks ago, I was able to find about fifty UI bugs in ten minutes of use.

I just want to reiterate a point I made then that wasn't much noticed. It's not good practice for people to be checking in code with obvious UI problems (like text clipped off the edge of windows) in hopes that someone else will fix it later. There needs to be a cultural change where people do not check in their code until it is user-ready. Otherwise there is just going to be a never-ending string of these problems.

Good software engineers know that their bugs are their own responsibility, and no one else's. One of the most pernicious aspects of the "Cathedral and the Bazaar" model was ESR's feeling that it was OK to make lots of mistakes, because other eyeballs will fix them later. That is the kind of thinking that puts software in the situation Mozilla is in now. "Polish" (that is, not making obvious errors) needs to be an ongoing priority, not a late-game push.