Full Article Attached Towards Mozilla 1.0

Tuesday June 26th, 2001

Gervase Markham recently posted his feelings on what a 1.0 release of Mozilla would be. Gerv has sent us the follow-up to that posting, including much of the feedback he received. To read it, click the full article link. Once you have read through it, we welcome you to post your feelings on what you think a 1.0 release would have. [As Gerv says, please don't post your favorite list of bugs, only the criteria for choosing what bugs to fix.]

#256 Memory moot? AIEEEEE!!!!

by bjv

Tuesday July 10th, 2001 3:00 PM

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I've heard that one before. A lot of times. Maybe for us geeky engineer types. But I don't see a lot of people running out to stores, plopping down $150, opening up their computer cases, and installing memory chips just so they can run a new, free browser.

If memory footprint doesn't matter, maybe we can forget the pretences and accept Mozilla only for new computing environments ala Windows XP. In fact, maybe the Windows XP launch with all of the upgrades and computer tradeins required for its success can be the compelling event that makes Mozilla a valid choice.

BTW, it rocks on a 1.4mhz Pentium with 512MB of memory :-)