Full Article Attached Towards Mozilla 1.0

Tuesday June 26th, 2001

Gervase Markham recently posted his feelings on what a 1.0 release of Mozilla would be. Gerv has sent us the follow-up to that posting, including much of the feedback he received. To read it, click the full article link. Once you have read through it, we welcome you to post your feelings on what you think a 1.0 release would have. [As Gerv says, please don't post your favorite list of bugs, only the criteria for choosing what bugs to fix.]

#219 Diminishing returns

by asa <>

Friday June 29th, 2001 10:00 PM

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At some point a millisecond (even a couple hundred of them) just doesn't matter that much. The latest "ad-hock benchmark" results I heard was that on dial-up connections our page load time was beating IE. But I don't even care too much about that. If I'm not waiting (the concious act) for pages to load in Mozilla any more than I am in IE then I don't much care that IE is technically 200 milliseconds faster on some set of webpages. If IE can load a page in 4/10ths of a second and Mozilla takes 6/10ths of a second to load that page I don't find myself cursing at the 1.3 minutes of productivity that it costs me every day to use Mozilla (and I use the web a lot, all of my work tools are on the web). I easily recoup that time ten-fold by being able to get _to_ the page faster (with my custom keywords and wildcard lookups <> ) Page layout performance is simply not that big of a concern to me.