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Sunday June 24th, 2001

Chris Blizzard has posted an update on current tree management plans for the 0.9.2 branch and the 0.9.3 trunk. The plan calls for to drop the requirement of approval for check ins to the trunk, while continuing it till 0.9.2 is finished on the branch. Chris felt that using 0.9.2 as a stability milestone was a success, partly thanks to the drivers requirement, but mostly due to better self policing by those who were checking in.

When 0.9.2 is completed on the branch, Netscape will take over control of it, and continue checking into it for an upcoming release. The build Netscape chooses to release will also be released by as

Finally, Chris stressed the importance of continued self policing, to keep up the high level of stability that the past 2 weeks have achieved. To read his entire post, click the Full Article link.

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by asa <>

Wednesday June 27th, 2001 1:37 AM

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I tell you that I want you to paint 6 rooms in my house and you have 6 days to complete the work. You agree to paint 6 rooms in my house. I then tell you that I only want 3 rooms painted and I need them painted in 1 day. You agree to work harder and get half the original work completed in 1/6 the original time. You don't update your bookkeeping because you're busy painting rooms. You get the three rooms painted and my neighbor comes over and says that you're a failure and I'm a failure for not getting the 6 rooms painted. I tell my neighbor that he is wrong and that I changed my plans about the other 3 rooms which are going to get wallpaper and not until next week. He continues to call you and me failures for not getting the other 3 rooms painted. My interior decorator tells the neighbor that it wasnt a shortcoming, it was a change in planning and that it actually meant that the rooms were going to all be renovated faster but the neighbor continues to call you and me failures. You and ask the neighbor to please bugger off.

See, we actually fixed more bugs per day this milestone than we did the last milestone. We were fixing bugs so fast that we didn't push bugs out to the next milestone (like we do every milestone) in daily triage of the buglists. We were so busy fixing bugs that we didn't do the bugzilla maintainence (bookeeping) we usually do until we got ready to branch. You have a fundamental misconception or misunderstanding of how we (Mozilla) manage our buglists. You're free to criticize our process but please learn what that process is before you start that criticism. If you really understood our process you would be impressed what we accomplished in the last 3 weeks.