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Sunday June 24th, 2001

Chris Blizzard has posted an update on current tree management plans for the 0.9.2 branch and the 0.9.3 trunk. The plan calls for to drop the requirement of approval for check ins to the trunk, while continuing it till 0.9.2 is finished on the branch. Chris felt that using 0.9.2 as a stability milestone was a success, partly thanks to the drivers requirement, but mostly due to better self policing by those who were checking in.

When 0.9.2 is completed on the branch, Netscape will take over control of it, and continue checking into it for an upcoming release. The build Netscape chooses to release will also be released by as

Finally, Chris stressed the importance of continued self policing, to keep up the high level of stability that the past 2 weeks have achieved. To read his entire post, click the Full Article link.

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by bcwright <>

Tuesday June 26th, 2001 11:17 PM

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Not to harp on this too much, but if you've been following the recent developments closely, you might have noticed that it appears that Netscape will release 6.1 based on a code base that will be called, which will be a branch that will start with 0.9.2 and include stability fixes beyond that. This kind of branch is fairly typical if you want to prepare a commercial release while continuing active feature-oriented development on a product in a different branch.

I am not privy to how long a cycle they are planning for, nor what is targetted for it. That code point is clearly the point that ought to be called the "release milestone," not 0.9.2. Personally, looking at the outstanding bugs in bugzilla I find the number of stability-related bugs to be worrysome, but as I've noted elsewhere I don't have enough in-depth familiarity with the project to feel qualified to register much of an opinion on how important they really are or how difficult they will be to fix. Some of them have been targetted for 1.0 or even beyond, so for at least those bugs there seems to be a feeling that they can be put off for now.

As for whether this is a good idea, I'm not sure. It's certainly reasonable to try to get something better than Netscape 6.0 out there even if it's not what you want in the long run, especially if Mozilla 1.0 might still be several months away (as appears likely). On the other hand it does take away resources that could be applied towards Mozilla 1.0 and probably pushes that release back somewhat. Of course many of the bugs that will be fixed for Netscape 6.1 could presumably have their fixes retrofitted into the trunk, and it's not like they aren't issues that would have to be fixed anyway in order to release Mozilla 1.0.

Frankly, I don't think my articles have been defending Mozilla so much as they have been hammering MozillaQuest - but if you're going to present yourself as a journalist, it behooves you to try to have at least a little bit of understanding of what it is that you're writing about, and you invite others to judge whether you have done so. If it's politically incorrect and elitist to point that out then I plead guilty on both counts. :^)