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Sunday June 24th, 2001

Chris Blizzard has posted an update on current tree management plans for the 0.9.2 branch and the 0.9.3 trunk. The plan calls for to drop the requirement of approval for check ins to the trunk, while continuing it till 0.9.2 is finished on the branch. Chris felt that using 0.9.2 as a stability milestone was a success, partly thanks to the drivers requirement, but mostly due to better self policing by those who were checking in.

When 0.9.2 is completed on the branch, Netscape will take over control of it, and continue checking into it for an upcoming release. The build Netscape chooses to release will also be released by as

Finally, Chris stressed the importance of continued self policing, to keep up the high level of stability that the past 2 weeks have achieved. To read his entire post, click the Full Article link.

#28 0.9.2 Milestone plans changed

by bcwright <>

Tuesday June 26th, 2001 8:54 AM

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The milestone plans for 0.9.2 changed as soon as 0.9.1 branched. See <http://www.mozillazine.or…articles/article1938.html> for more information.

Basically the bug list was left alone but there was less time to work through it, plus there was more QA on the bug fixes that did go in. This is not news, the thing that he didn't understand is that the 0.9.2 bug list did not receive a complete triage after the policy change so there were a lot of bugs targetted for 0.9.2 that had little chance of getting fixed. Also, most of these bugs had been in there for a long time - it's not like they are _new_ bugs, they are just bugs that the team had hoped to fix for 0.9.2 but didn't have time to do so. This also appears to be something he doesn't understand.