Communicator 4.08 Is Out!

Tuesday November 10th, 1998

Joel Caris writes, "I'm sure someone has already notified you of this, but just in case, 4.08 is out. It looks like it fixes the privacy bugs and has all the 4.5 features. It's not on the Netscape download page yet, but is available through"

#3 whoops, never mind...

by tumbleweed <>

Thursday November 12th, 1998 9:59 AM

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Methinks I was mistaken about that mailto: link business, too - I've not been able to duplicate it, so I dunno what else was going on at the time. Maybe I had IE running at the same time or something, and hit it in IE instead? *sigh* Oh well. :(

I've also had a crash in 4.08 (minutes after I posted that message here, in fact). So it's less stable than 4.07. Still, one crash in 4 days is pretty good.

I got the 128-bit security version of the standalone; I had to alter their download URL to get it from the download page (it wanted to give me 4.07), but apparently it IS available in standalone.