Communicator 4.08 Is Out!

Tuesday November 10th, 1998

Joel Caris writes, "I'm sure someone has already notified you of this, but just in case, 4.08 is out. It looks like it fixes the privacy bugs and has all the 4.5 features. It's not on the Netscape download page yet, but is available through"

#2 Re:Communicator 4.08 Is Out!

by Jerry Baker

Thursday November 12th, 1998 1:22 AM

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4.08 is no different than 4.07 with the exception of the JavaScript security bug fix. You can thank C|NET for spreading the false rumour that 4.08 has the features of 4.5.

BTW - You cannot get 128-bit versions of Netscape browsers from the FTP. You must visit the download page at <>