Communicator 4.08 Is Out!

Tuesday November 10th, 1998

Joel Caris writes, "I'm sure someone has already notified you of this, but just in case, 4.08 is out. It looks like it fixes the privacy bugs and has all the 4.5 features. It's not on the Netscape download page yet, but is available through"

#1 4.08 = nice!

by tumbleweed <>

Wednesday November 11th, 1998 6:14 PM

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After one too many crashes with 4.5, I 'downgraded' to 4.08 - nice!

I don't know about what features it has compared to 4.5 (and when you consider the release notes still aren't up yet, I guess that's to be expected) - but it's certainly *much* more stable under windows 98. It's also available in a standalone version, which 4.5 is not. Interestingly enough, I noticed a feature that I didn't know was around yet (this may be its first appearance) - in the standalone, when you click on a standard mailto: link, it calls up my system default mail app! (THIS ROCKS!) Previous versions that I've tried did nothing when doing the same action - a real sore point for me. When did this feature show up? I stopped trying after awhile, so it might've been in there for some time now for all I know.

Also note: 128-bit encryption version of 4.08 is also now available. Question: is there a 128-bit encryption version of the standalone? I can't seem to find the 128-bit version on the FTP site - I guess because you have to go through the process of stating who you are and where you're from. After all that, I was only given the choice to download the 'complete' version (not even the 'professional' one).

As for stability, I've not been using it all that long yet, but so far, it's as stable as 4.07 (that is, ROCK SOLID). If you're having problems with 4.5, and 4.08 has the features you need, I highly encourage you to switch over!

Go Team! :)