Netscape 6.1 Beta 1

Tuesday June 12th, 2001

Netscape today released a beta of their upcoming 6.1 release, based on the mozilla 0.9.1 branch. Check out the release notes, or grab the build.

#77 Best theme ever is still not Modern3

by fat_cow

Thursday June 14th, 2001 7:32 AM

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Mozilla is so gorgeous...

Alfred Kayser (the IBM employee and littlemozilla architect) has released the "Wood" variation on his website at <http://members.tripod.lyc…/AKayser/skins/themes.htm>

Screenshot at <http://members.tripod.lyc…nl/AKayser/skins/wood.gif>

Download for a high-quality dead-trees mozilla! The web looks so... dated... within the boxes.

Strangely enough, but wonderfully, this theme seems to work very well with the N6.1-PR1