Netscape 6.1 Beta 1

Tuesday June 12th, 2001

Netscape today released a beta of their upcoming 6.1 release, based on the mozilla 0.9.1 branch. Check out the release notes, or grab the build.

#68 Re: I _like_ 6.1

by macpeep

Thursday June 14th, 2001 5:06 AM

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I agree just about 100% with that post, except that I think that a hypothetical (but very likely) Netscape 6.5 will be based on something that comes after 1.0, possibly 1.2 or 1.0.2, whatever it will be called. Why? Because if you think about it, by the time Netscape 6.1 is *released*, the Mozilla 1.0 release will not be too far away. In fact, there's even a slight chance that the two happen simultaneously. If that's the case, a 6.5 release would be based on a later version of Mozilla. In any case, I agree that a 6.5 release should kick major ass and leave no room for whining from assholes like me who are impossible to please.

I'm sure I will still find a lot to complain about in 6.1 tho. ;)