Netscape 6.1 Beta 1

Tuesday June 12th, 2001

Netscape today released a beta of their upcoming 6.1 release, based on the mozilla 0.9.1 branch. Check out the release notes, or grab the build.

#38 Can we have at least another beta

by dave532

Wednesday June 13th, 2001 6:17 PM

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I think we need a beta 2 before Netscape 6.1 is released. I know Netscape probably want this browser out before IE 6 is launched but there's still a large number of open nsbeta1+ bugs which are bugs which were planned to be fixed before beta 1. Therefore I think we need at least a beta 2 where all these bugs are fixed even if the release version comes out only 2 weeks after beta 2 it'll give us a chance to look over it before the general public get their hands on 6.1