Netscape 6.1 Beta 1

Tuesday June 12th, 2001

Netscape today released a beta of their upcoming 6.1 release, based on the mozilla 0.9.1 branch. Check out the release notes, or grab the build.

#13 Why, oh why, didn't they call it 6.5?

by AlexBishop <>

Wednesday June 13th, 2001 1:04 PM

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They really should have called it 6.5. It's positively bursting with new improvements and features (though many, like LDAP, were in 4.x).

Other than that, CNET seem to like it. Their review <…ubdir.3227883-8-6249661-2> praises the removal of the taskbar amongst other things. They also mention how "Netscape's nonbrowser applications... sport new icons on the left side of the main window toolbar... [that] help you tell which application you're in... a nice touch that we appreciate." And we thought they were just eye candy. :-) They round off their review by saying "And this may be Netscape's last opportunity to get it right... But based on the beta, we think Netscape may just pull it off."