Mozilla 0.9.1 Released

Thursday June 7th, 2001 released milestone 0.9.1 today, which continues to move Mozilla towards the 1.0 release. New features include Bi-directional text support, LDAP Autocomplete in mail, new combined taskbar, an overhaul of the Modern skin with all new colors and buttons, and a slew of performance and stability fixes, with over 30 of the topcrash bugs fixed.

Builds can be found on's Releases Page for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh.

Milestone 0.9.2 will be a special stability milestone, which will only have two weeks of 'open' checkins before ramping down for another release. The drivers will control the checkins during the two weeks, so the tree will have some time to recover from the large landings over the last few months. This will also give vendors a good point to use for their releases.

#16 for the mature one

by AlMalossi <>

Friday June 8th, 2001 12:35 AM

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i also agree that this news is not so negative as sometimes interpreted here.

it's mainly consulting like hot air that is mentioned there.

Netscape is an internet company of course the ceo shouts out "in 6 month you will not see the same netscape" and things like that.

AOL bought mainly the internet site and the browser is just the deluxe addon.

as far as i read this article the brand netscape will be the "AOL for not absolute newbies", so for people who know that a dial-up and the homepage is not everything out there, so for people that are not affraid to download a browser, even when there is one integrated in their os.... and so on.

i think that aol is simply aware, that there are people on t3 lines that don't need aol as an isp, but loved to pay (???) for aol-time-warner-cnn.... content.

so for the people who are afraid of computer and netscape for the mature one... and one day we all get mature.

with mozilla based products on aol and (this strange mentioned services seem to be the consulting point of view of mozilla) with the cnn-navigator, and the icq-browser, the aim-gamenet ....

as long as the "evil" aol is funding mozilla and mozilla is deploying a really good 1.0 (nn7.0) i like this evil (and they don't drop real for windows media player)