Mozilla 0.9.1 Released

Thursday June 7th, 2001 released milestone 0.9.1 today, which continues to move Mozilla towards the 1.0 release. New features include Bi-directional text support, LDAP Autocomplete in mail, new combined taskbar, an overhaul of the Modern skin with all new colors and buttons, and a slew of performance and stability fixes, with over 30 of the topcrash bugs fixed.

Builds can be found on's Releases Page for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh.

Milestone 0.9.2 will be a special stability milestone, which will only have two weeks of 'open' checkins before ramping down for another release. The drivers will control the checkins during the two weeks, so the tree will have some time to recover from the large landings over the last few months. This will also give vendors a good point to use for their releases.

#129 Re: Is Netscape 6.5 going to be called Netscape 6.1?

by netdemon <>

Sunday June 10th, 2001 2:59 AM

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I don't agree with that. Let's talk logically. Say we want a release every 3 months (as is currently the case), and a new version every year, then it should go up by .25 each time. That shows that going to .5 would be wacky. Especially considering that 6.01 was more or less just a fixup of 6.0. Now, .1 is more reasonable than that. Besides, MailNews is still really hurting, and IMHO it shouldn't be called 6.5 until MailNews is competitive with Outlook. Personally, I think it should be called version 6.2 or 6.25, but I don't see the big deal. Only a true embecile wouldn't know the difference between 6.01 and 6.1.