XPViewer Runs Natively on OS/2!!

Tuesday November 10th, 1998

Paulo Dias writes in with great news for OS/2 users! Apparently the OS/2 port is kicking ass and taking names! Paulo writes, "The Warpzilla Team has done it again... The XPViewer is now working natively in OS/2 without the previous XP bug, and with support for 8bit alpha blending. The homepage is a bit outdated (still talking of the older version), nonetheless the new nglayout was uploaded to hobbes ( and IS working rather well. For all non OS/2 users, you can look at this screenshot. Also the author told me that the last time he checked (last week), the OS/2 libraries were the most complete of the pack (yes, even more then win32)...

OS/2 is ruling the ports;)"

Side Note: I'm back from my D.C. trip, and a lot of news will be coming up shortly! Stay tuned!

#4 Re:XPViewer Runs Natively on OS/2!!

by Antony Curtis <>

Sunday November 22nd, 1998 3:46 PM

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Impressive for a mere 2MB download... The buttons also seem slow on my PC (P200) but the rendering seems to be fast. To fragile to me my #1 browser - I'll hold on to NS/2 2.02 and Comm/2 4.04 for now.