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Friday June 1st, 2001

Chris Blizzard, a member of the Drivers, has posted an update on what will be happening for the next milestone (0.9.2). Basically, checkins will require Driver approval, along with the normal review and super-review. The milestone will only be two weeks long, and will give the tree a chance to breathe a bit, following a long string of large rewrites. To read the entire message, click the full article link.

Along these same lines, the current milestone, 0.9.1, was branched yesterday, and looks to be quite good. Expect nightly builds of the branch to start today or tomorrow, leading up to the final builds.

#97 Netscape 6.5 Release

by Kovu <>

Monday June 4th, 2001 10:52 AM

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"Not necessarily. If a beta has lots of cool features, people will put up with poor stability and lots of hype will be generated about the product (look at Windows XP). Netscape became the number one Web browser while it was still in beta because it was so much better than Mosaic."

You're missing the difference between a beta cycle and the PR releases. Windows XP was a beta cycle. The preview releases are PUBLIC beta cycles. I can attest myself to the fact that Netscape 6 For Dummies (which I was due to write) was cancelled based on the reviews of PR1 in the press. PR1 should simply not have been released. At least, those reviews were the straw that broke the camel's back. Beta cycles should not be publicly heralded releases, I think. The public should be able to use them, certainly, but they shouldn't be advertised heavily.