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Friday June 1st, 2001

Chris Blizzard, a member of the Drivers, has posted an update on what will be happening for the next milestone (0.9.2). Basically, checkins will require Driver approval, along with the normal review and super-review. The milestone will only be two weeks long, and will give the tree a chance to breathe a bit, following a long string of large rewrites. To read the entire message, click the full article link.

Along these same lines, the current milestone, 0.9.1, was branched yesterday, and looks to be quite good. Expect nightly builds of the branch to start today or tomorrow, leading up to the final builds.

#63 Re: Re: Re: Netscape 7.0

by Brendon <>

Sunday June 3rd, 2001 9:26 AM

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"If that is the case Netscape 7.0 will make even more marketing sense."

i think going from 4.7 to 6 and then to 7 without a single release that was widely accepted (for the average user: percieved) is overkill. Also, 6 vs 6.5 or 6 vs 7.. it doesn't really matter, however to me 6.5 'feels' more correct (disregarding Mozillas developement, which the people to which this matters: the common user is invisible).

"People who have evaluated IE 6.0 say that the improvements are minimal (maybe it should be called IE 5.6)"

as i said, it's not about development, its about marketing.