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Friday June 1st, 2001

Chris Blizzard, a member of the Drivers, has posted an update on what will be happening for the next milestone (0.9.2). Basically, checkins will require Driver approval, along with the normal review and super-review. The milestone will only be two weeks long, and will give the tree a chance to breathe a bit, following a long string of large rewrites. To read the entire message, click the full article link.

Along these same lines, the current milestone, 0.9.1, was branched yesterday, and looks to be quite good. Expect nightly builds of the branch to start today or tomorrow, leading up to the final builds.

#33 Hopefully these bugs will be fixed by Mozilla 1.0

by Nemo_NX

Saturday June 2nd, 2001 10:36 AM

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Image blocking no longer works <>

Looks like this one will be fixed by .9.2. If not, then maybe it would be better if that option isn't visible anymore. Personally, and ad image blocker method would be far more practical than taking them out one at a time. :/

[RFE] "AutoScroll"/Panning support [eg, Mousewheel Click/Drag triggered] <>

It would mean so much to me if this bug were fixed. I use this on IE all the time and I do mean all the time. Personally, I don't give a crap if mouse wheel support is independent of the platform or not. You're just chewing up more system resources in Windows if you go that route. If might not seem much at all but tiny things like this can add up and would add more time to the start up time of Mozilla. Anyway, has it been proven that doing it the other way with the mouse drivers doing the work in Mozilla would lead to more crashes? I used K-Galleon and don't think so. I had meant to bug the K-Galleon guys to submit an official patch to Mozilla to get it working. Oh well, as long as Mozilla is in beta it really doesn't matter. :/ The good news is that it is being actively worked on so hopefully it will land before Mozilla 1.0. :) And, I'm damn near expecting that release to not have that debug crap in it like it always has in it's releases. >:(

[TXT]Textbox size does not match specified width if not using the default font. <>

Probably my second biggest complaint about Mozilla is that is can't render a simple textbox correctly. The web designers design the web pages around IE. That is a fact and we have to live with it. They aren't always going to support extra room on their sidebars for Mozilla's oversized textboxes. Looks like this bug is in real active development. I just love getting bug updates on this one. For a while there it looked like it would never get fixed. However, just like that autoscroll bug, someone outside of Netscape is stepping up to the plate to get a user requested feature completed. I could also bitch on how many web pages have text boxes with black borders instead of gray. I don't know if it's a web page issue or Mozilla's fault but I'm going to ask someone about that soon. :/

Show toolbars as text/icons/both <>

This one might pick up again in soon. However it might get held up on theme support and new "tiny" icons for both Classic and Modern. It is nice to see progress on this bug though. :)

[RFE] Save Page With Images, Stylesheets, Objects, Applets <>

Oh man, how I NEED this bug fixed like now! I can't see this as an enhancement when I need to test out a page to make sure it is rendering correctly. Go to this <>, and take a long look at that sidebar. See the problem? The stylesheets are overlapping and I was going to try and fix it and send the fix to Steve Gibson. However, when I go to save the page, then edit the source & save that then, and refresh the page there's nothing there to see! I need see those things guys, it's really important in order to make the web page look like the way it's suppose to. There doesn't seem to be any work being done on this and I'll leave you with a statement about this bug by David: "IE has this feature, the Mozilla based K-Meleon has this feature, even winEmbed.exe and mfcEmbed.exe which are included in the mozilla win32 and embed zipfiles. So at the moment our embedding demo programs have this feature but mozilla doesn't.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 cats prefer it :)" I smell a copy/paste code somewhere around here. :)

And finally!!!!!....

Cannot permanently delete Imported IE Favorites folder <>

Gimme and SR=! SR=! Gimme and R=! R=! Gimme an A=! A=! What's that spell? DONE! :P Oh man, could this be true? *FAINT!* 78 people will be a lot happier in the next 48 hours. :)

If you feel that these bugs are important like I do then please, please, please, please vote for them. They do get notice and maybe even worked on a little. Whenever I posted about that IE Favorites bug, the number of votes kept getting larger and larger pretty quick. Hopefully this post will do the same thing for the other bugs that I mentioned.

Note: This is just an informative and slightly opinionated post covering user requested features that really should have been in Mozilla a long time ago. Thank you. :)

I'm am curious to know about whatever important speed/performance bugs that are out there that you might feel is important to fix. :)