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Friday June 1st, 2001

Chris Blizzard, a member of the Drivers, has posted an update on what will be happening for the next milestone (0.9.2). Basically, checkins will require Driver approval, along with the normal review and super-review. The milestone will only be two weeks long, and will give the tree a chance to breathe a bit, following a long string of large rewrites. To read the entire message, click the full article link.

Along these same lines, the current milestone, 0.9.1, was branched yesterday, and looks to be quite good. Expect nightly builds of the branch to start today or tomorrow, leading up to the final builds.

#25 My take is somewhat different

by vondo

Friday June 1st, 2001 6:58 PM

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I remember when I was first trying to find out information about mozilla. What it was, how it was progressing, etc.

I found almost useless and mozillazine not a whole lot better. There was no one taking the long view and explaining it. That's better (here) now with the feature updates, but I was hungry for information and not finding it.

The thing that's largely missing is not just presentation of facts, but analysis of them. What does it *mean* that imglib2 landed? What does it do for me? What does it do that imglib didn't? (Example questions only.)

Only after sifting through tons of comments here, surfing bugzilla and trying to get involved did I really feel I understood *anything* about the project.

Mozillaquest is, I think, trying to fill that role for people who don't want to sift through all the information available.

It's a shame its done so poorly, because there really is a demand for good info on mozilla.

(N.B. Most other open development projects seem to have the same problems. The web pages are written for developers, not prospective users wanting to know if a program can make their life easier.)