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Friday June 1st, 2001

Chris Blizzard, a member of the Drivers, has posted an update on what will be happening for the next milestone (0.9.2). Basically, checkins will require Driver approval, along with the normal review and super-review. The milestone will only be two weeks long, and will give the tree a chance to breathe a bit, following a long string of large rewrites. To read the entire message, click the full article link.

Along these same lines, the current milestone, 0.9.1, was branched yesterday, and looks to be quite good. Expect nightly builds of the branch to start today or tomorrow, leading up to the final builds.

#22 Re: Mr Wanker, Michael Angelo

by AlexBishop <>

Friday June 1st, 2001 5:15 PM

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"He obviously prints whatever he thinks will get the most attention, even if it's total bs."

And the worse thing is, he does get attention! Some respectable sites link to his 'news' (I use the term in the loosest sense).

The articles are long and repetitive. Every single article about Mozilla's supposed slippages outlines the entire history of the project and the milestone targets.

The only improvement I've seen is that recently he's started using links probably, i.e. actually putting them in the text rather than referring to related pages and pointing readers to the footnotes for the links.

And have you seen the guide to downloading and installing Netscape 6? <http://www.mozillaquest.c…onfig_01_MQ_Story_01.html> Paranoid is an understatement.

And as if the sensationalist news isn't bad enough, the design is appalling. Was he aiming to create the World's ugliest buttons?

If you ask me, Michelangelo should stick to painting. (Incidentally, do you think MozillaQuest complained every time the estimated completion date for the Sistine Chapel Ceiling was put back?)

Non-NewZilla Alex