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Tuesday May 29th, 2001

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by gerbilpower <>

Thursday May 31st, 2001 9:15 PM

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I think you missed the point: WHY is it so important that Mozilla render EXACTLY like IE? Although not always the case, I can show you many examples where Mozilla (and other browsers, such as Opera and Konqueror) is rendering exactly like the way the specs are saying, but IE renders it incorrect (such as IE5/Win's rather odd and incorrect box model support is one). Should Mozilla support IE5/Win's messy box model support, when IE5/Mac and Opera also impliment it correctly (and strangly, a guide on CSS on Microsoft's very own web site explains the box model specs correctly)?

Granted, Mozilla still has layout bugs, and those should be corrected according to the W3C's specifications, especially since everyone else (except IE5 on Windows in some areas) is doing this as well.

Messy code is an issue. The W3Cs say how each CSS or HTML element works and how it should look when used correctly. They do not say how the page should look when the code is incorrect. For minor mistakes, there isn't really a problem, but if significant portions of the code is messy or incorrect, there is no guarentee.

The textbox border color is a trival issue. The textbox is a widget, different operating systems have used different widgets of varying appearances for years. The W3C specs also does not specify how a textbox should look as long as they function as they should. What you're talking about is personal preference, and I personally don't mind the darker border. If it's that much of a concern for you, email the webmaster and tell them to use CSS to stylize the textbox.

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