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Tuesday May 29th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes: "BugDay is moving. More than a year and a half has passed since the fist Tuesday BugDay and it seems like a good time to change. Starting this week (tomorrow, 05/30/01) BugDay is moving to Wednesdays." Click the full article link to find out more about BugDay, and how you can get involved.

#10 Less bugs being fixed & small tiny rant.

by Nemo_NX

Wednesday May 30th, 2001 3:18 PM

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Is it just me or has the number of new checkin's decrease a lot lately? They need an "a=" from somebody now, so three people are required to test the patch? That really sucks. What&#8217;s worse is that the "Cannot delete IE Favorites" bug has been changed from being fixed by Mozilla .92 to never. Chen changed it even though he doesn't even work on the bookmarks manager, Ben does that. It'll be interesting to see what Ben has to say about this interesting development. Heh, about 7 people responded after Chen changed it and boy were they pissed off. :) Seems like someone has a fix for it but I really doubt that person will find 3 people to sign off on it. :( Oh well. Since Mozilla ain't going to be done until October at the earliest, this bugs gonna be tossed every which way until someone has the guts to fix it. Yeah sure fixing crashers first is nice, but they'll always be that "new" crasher that's got to be fixed. At some point you gotta say "it's stable enough" and go on to something else. And what the heck is that voting system for then if no one will fix the most popular bugs even as simple as the IE favorites one? Btw, that bug is already half-fixed. Ben got the backend done and needs to redo the front end (FE). Actually, he&#8217;s been having a heck of a time keeping the FE stable for some reason or another. I would like to ask that if anyone knows how to do FE work for Mozilla to help him out a little. He could really use the help will all the other stuff he&#8217;s got to do. Not sure if he&#8217;s planning on landing an outliner version of his bookmark manager, but if he does then that&#8217;s going to take a bit of time to do correctly and get approved. :/

With all these crash landings that have been going on lately, I'm not really surprised at what has happened. Mozilla needs a lot of work to be done still and the KDE web browser and Opera keep coming out with new "non-beta" versions of their browser all the time. My question is that when will the developers realize that Mozilla needs to be a web browser first and everything else can come second like an editor, chat program,.. etc? I'd like to see the problem where Mozilla can't render more than 25% of the web pages out there correctly improved to something like 75%. Can this be an attainable goal. Probably not, since the Netscape people think that web developers should design their site around their browser. Guess what? Ain&#8217;t gonna happen. They don&#8217;t care about Netscape anymore. So, what I guess I&#8217;m saying is that we need to write code to support badly developed web pages that IE seems to handle okay. It&#8217;s ain&#8217;t gonna be faster and it sure ain&#8217;t going to be standards compliant but it&#8217;ll &#8220;look&#8221; correct finally. If they don&#8217;t do this then I&#8217;m stuck using IE because it works and Mozilla doesn&#8217;t. End of argument.

I leave you with a comment made by one of the Netscape developers on that IE Favorites bug. I love what he said as it sums up my frustration on the issue; &#8220;Additional Comments From <> 2001-05-29 16:56 ------- Oh man. This bug has 70 votes, 9 dupes, and was one of the oft-commented on "features" of NS 6 that people disliked. Why why why?&#8221;