Interview with Mike Pinkerton at MacCentral

Tuesday November 10th, 1998

Matthew Thomas writes in with an interesting link to an interview with Mike Pinkerton of the Mozilla Project. Matthew writes, "MacCentral has an interview (also mentioned on Slashdot) with Mike Pinkerton of the Macintosh Mozilla development team about the new features in Mozilla 5, and the Apple technologies which will be built into the Mac version in particular."

#2 Go Mac Go!!!

by Macincheerleader

Tuesday November 10th, 1998 7:39 PM

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Yay! Mac! Go Mac, go! Mozilla + Mac = da bomb! (No not the little bomb that informs one of a system error that is fatal.) Does anyone have any Mozilla-Mac screenshots? Since my Mac is doomed to eternal obsolescense, I would like to be able to catch a glimpse--static it may be--of the pre-alpha Moz in action. Oblige me! Thanks.