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Tuesday May 15th, 2001

This week's report features updates from K-Meleon, DocZilla, the Links Panel, and the new Link Element Toolbar. Enjoy!

#4 Re: Why so fast?

by Brendon <>

Wednesday May 16th, 2001 6:39 AM

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> built in mail program but at the same time I think it should be optional!

it is optional, when you use the installer.

> I think Mozilla should focus on the navigator and make the mail, composer, addresbook etc as tools.

Mozilla is focused on making an internet suite, its the purpose of its existence.

if you wish a quick GUI (mozilla's GUI on fast computers can be just as fast as a native GUI) just use k-meleon.

if you want a good email app, use euroa, netscape messenger (4.x) or even Outlook (ofcourse, with scripting disabled, and file extensions enabled). i'm sure someday someone will come along and write a frontend for mozilla's email app using a native toolkit.

same goes for composer.. just use dreamweaver. there are god knows how many wysiwyg editors for windows.