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Tuesday May 15th, 2001

This week's report features updates from K-Meleon, DocZilla, the Links Panel, and the new Link Element Toolbar. Enjoy!

#13 Re: come on.

by macpeep

Tuesday May 22nd, 2001 8:50 AM

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Why though? If it looks like IE, why can't I just use IE? IE is faster than Mozilla (the rendering), it practically *never* crashes - at least on any of the machines I use it on (at least much less than Mozilla) and it renders just about every page on the web the way the page was intended to be rendered.

I've also never heard of any person who has had his/her computer hacked because of an Internet Explorer security bug, and there are 100+ million IE users out there so.. So.. I repeat the question.. If the alternative looks identical to IE, why should I switch?

I see several reasons to switch to Mozilla - Mail & News being a major reasons, cool looks being another (finally now that Modern 3 is starting to get finalized).. But to something that looks and acts just like IE?