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Tuesday May 15th, 2001

This week's report features updates from K-Meleon, DocZilla, the Links Panel, and the new Link Element Toolbar. Enjoy!

#11 Re: come on.

by archen

Monday May 21st, 2001 8:49 PM

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Um... I use a Pentium 133 for the majority of my web page development at home. So that means I'm screwed?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my impression was that k-meleon is supposed to be like Galeon - simple, unbloated Mozilla with a simple interface. Looking like IE is just a "feature". I just think it's sort of flawed to strait out make a browser that looks just like IE. I mean it sounds strange to try to play up a browser that's simple and looks just like IE. I think most people are used to ignoring features they don't use on IE anyway, and since IE is already on their computers, and has at least half of its libraries always loaded, I'm not sure most people could see a huge difference in k-meleon performance overall. So I can uninstall IE now? Well not really... since it's integrated (unless you use 98 Lite). IE is sort of always running too since it's integrated. It just seems to me like most of the people that would use k-meleon are those people who for some reason already don't like IE. And some people like me never really cared much for the IE interface to begin with. I'm all for having IE skins, showing what Moz technology can do, but I think many people like me want simplicity but something... a bit cooler with a flavor all its own. Well I donno, that's what I think anyway.

Now if they just had "view just this frame" on the mouse menu...